Breakout Summit Sessions

Special Half-Day Workshop, Thursday, Aug 1

Rapid Planning Workshop: Delivering Flawless Execution Fast

Discover how to develop your own quick, tactical plans using Afterburner’s combat-proven planning process. Working individually or in small groups from your CU, participants in this special workshop will  identify a can’t fail mission to begin applying Flawless Execution. Using the Six Steps to Mission Planning, the Afterburner team will help you plan out a roadmap for success. Every attendee will identify a clear, measurable achievable mission objective, threats, resources, lessons learned from previous missions and develop a course of action that will yield success. By the end of this workshop, everyone will have a plan that they can begin executing immediately. But more than just a plan, attendees will walk away equipped with a new planning process that enables them to create strong plans quickly for flawless performance in tight time lines.

BONUS: Every attendee will also get a signed copy of the book Flawless Execution by James D. Murphy, U.S. Air Force fighter pilot and founder of Afterburner, Inc.

Note: This special workshop requires an additional registration of $295/person and is limited to 200 attendees.

Alex Hernandez

VP of Customer Solutions, DefenseStorm

Technology Summit
3-Step Formula to Fortify Your Cybersecurity Defense Plan

CUs are in the cross-hairs of hackers who want to gain access to members’ sensitive financial data. Examiners are now stepping up their requirements and using the Automated Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (ACET) prto measure the inherent risks and corresponding controls to ensure ALL CUs must have to deal with cyber “bad actors.” As cybercompliance becomes integral to cybersecurity, CUs must understand how to unite culture with technology. Fortunately, one of the country’s leading experts on cybersecurity for CUs, Alex Hernandez of DefenseStorm, will help you develop an active defense plan in this plain-English workshop. Examiners want more than a set of policies in a binder. They want to ensure you are:

  1. Doing the right things.
  2. Doing the right things RIGHT.
  3. Able to PROVE you are doing the right things RIGHT.

This 3-Step Formula for Success is your proven model to ensure policies and controls are being put into action across the organization and are constantly monitored and verified. In short, this 3-step formula is  a Cybersecurity Defense Plan examiners will love – and cyber criminals will hate!

BONUS: Every CU in attendance also gets DefenseStorm’s New 9-Point Tactical Cyber Defense Plan – and PROVING IT  to help minimize the risk to your CU – and your members’ privacy!

Barbara Sanfilippo

High Definition Banking

Marketing Summit
A Roadmap to Transform Relationships into Revenue®

Do your members view you as a financial partner or “just another errand”™ while on the way to the bank for financial advice and a new loan? To truly differentiate your CU you must move beyond transactional product selling to building trusted relationships. In this idea-packed and energizing session, Barbara Sanfilipppo, an award-winning speaker and consultant shares a proven multi-year progression to advance beyond the initial welcoming experience to member outreach and reboarding and ultimately, financial coaching. Take home a road map to move forward and be challenged to rethink your game plan for generating revenue! You get CU-tested strategies so you can:

  • Implement a process that is repeatable and guaranteed to build trust, improve staff buy-in and increase revenue.
  • Leverage the 3 most important emotional drivers of the member relationship that has improved member experience by 300%.
  • Earn an ROI on your CRM (finally!) as your staff effectively manages and grows member relationships. Find out how!
  • Turn around your sales culture and better serve your members when they need you most!

Take home the same tactics that have increased net acquisitions by 18.5% on average over 3 years … boosted new accounts by an average of 25% … and drove up referral activity in the wealth and mortgage business areas by 21.5% annually!

Matt Roe

SVP, Open Lending, LLC

Sponsored by

Lending Summit
Elevate Your Auto Lending Horizons & Drive Up Profits with Competitive Pricing

Auto sales declined in 2018 for the first time since the Great Recession. Yet, many CUs are seeing spectacular growth in their auto loan portfolio. What is their secret? Proper risk-based pricing, says Matt Roe of Open Lending. The problem is that too many CUs do not segment their risk-based pricing models effectively and as a result they are turning away some of their most profitable members and not pricing their loans competitively. Find out how some of the top CUs are generating yields 4-6 times on their net ROA using the strategies Matt Roe outlines in this powerful session.

Find out how to:

  • Tackle today’s toughest challenges with effective risk-based pricing and book 20%-40% more auto loans without changing your marketing.
  • Properly assess and mitigate your CU’s risk.
  • Harvest existing revenue opportunities using the same techniques others are using to add $1,000 on every deal.
  • Confidently and effectively manage the risks and rewards for maximum returns to your CU – and save your members up to 400-500 bps.
  • Streamline the credit-decision process and respond to members with a quote in as little as 7 seconds.
Brett Christensen

Owner, CU Lending Advice, LLC

Lending Summit
The Seven Pillars of Financial and Lending Success

One of the nation’s leading experts on credit union lending, Brett Christensen, returns for a high-energy, high-powered session in which he reveals the 7 strategies that are turning ordinary lending departments into extraordinary success stories. Take home the same practical guidance that have helped many of his clients achieve a sustainable ROA above 1.50% and net worth in excess of 12.0%. You get proven lending tactics to:

  • Reduce expenses while also giving your loan department a competitive edge.
  • Boost income by improving your direct auto lending strategies.
  • Hire, train & retain true sales people who are motivated to serve.
  • Leverage business development – a key driver for high-performing loan departments.
  • Centralize you lending and sales functions for maximum effectiveness.

The same strategies revealed in this session have helped hundreds of CUs cut expenses while increasing loan yields and have helped many others become the top auto lender in their markets.

BONUS: Every attendee also gets CU Lending Advice’s 7 Pillars for Lending Success Guide to take home and apply in their own lending department.

Joey Duckworth

VP/Director of Marketing, MBL, LLC

MBL Summit
Top 5 Strategies to Make your Member Business Lending Program Great!

A surprising category is emerging as the second-fastest growing loan product among CUs – Member Business Loans. Recent rule changes relaxed NCUA regs and simplified business lending creating unprecedented opportunities for CUs to tap into an underserved niche. At MBL LLC, a CUSO that specializes in offering SBA-guaranteed loans to participating CUs, its loan portfolio is growing 35% per year. MBL’s Joey Duckworth shares what’s working – and what’s not – based on the lessons learned from more than 50 CUs to open the 2019 Member Business Lending Summit. You get real-world guidance to help you:

  • Get the buy-in you need from the board and executive team members, managers and branch level personnel.
  • Gain the trust and confidence of small business owners in your local communities.
  • Set yourself apart from the banks and capture your share of the commercial market.
  • Overcome the staffing challenges to ensure you have the expertise you need to grow your portfolio.
  • Manage your portfolio of commercial products so you know what to offer – and to whom.

Take-Home Value: Plus, you also get a 10-Point Action Plan to build your brand as a leading commercial lender in your market without spending a fortune.

Dr. Samuel Jones

HR Summit
Raise the B.A.R. (Beliefs. Actions. Results.)
A practical guide for CU Leaders

One of the most painful things to see is a bold, confident employee fall into the trap of mediocrity. Even great employees can be subject to run-of-the-mill habits and getting caught in the slump of repetitive routines. Back by popular demand, Dr. Samuel Jones delivers a powerful session designed to literally Raise the B.A.R. by turning beliefs into actions and achieve extraordinary results. Dr. Jones will share ways to re-energize, re-engage, and re-spark your inner drive, improve results and maximizing productivity.

Takeaways: Attendees will come away able to…

  • Define and evaluate their beliefs for what works and what doesn’t work
  • Capitalize on actions that increase and demand higher expectations
  • Demonstrate strategies to motivate their team to reach new heights

This program is designed for CUs of all types and size to increase employee engagement, overcome adversity, increase sales, boost productivity, and improve member service.

James Robert Lay

Founder & CEO, Digital Growth Institute

Marketing Summit
More Than Dollars and Cents: How to Tell Digital Marketing Stories that Sell

No one wakes up in the morning and says, “I need a new loan!” Yet, what they really need is a car to get to work … money to send their youngest daughter to college … and home renovations to take care of an aging father. The thought of more debt creates stress. That stress can take a toll on our health, our relationships and our sense of wellbeing. You can help. Your members are looking for someone they can trust to get them and their families a bigger, better, and brighter future. Promoting great rates and amazing service won’t cut it today! Just about every CU and bank can say the same things. Based on Digital Growth Institute’s newest research with clients, find out how to effectively differentiate your brand – and your products – and rise above the noise with digital stories across a spectrum of channels. Learn how to further amplify powerful stories through content marketing as you position yourself as the helpful and trusted financial guide within your community to generate 10X more loans and deposits.  

Val Mindak

CEO, Park City CU, Wausau, WI

Marketing Summit
Guerrilla Marketing Tactics Any CU Can Use to Compete Anywhere, Anytim

How do you triple the size of your CU to become a dominant player in the market and force the Big Banks to run scared? Find out how as CEO Val Mindak of Park City CU reveals one low-cost, high-impact tactic after another you can use to increase loan volume, add more than 100 members every month and turn your CU into the talk of the town. The random acts of kindness…Park City Cares Initiative…social give-back are just a few of the tactics that has everyone buzzing in the CU and in the community. As she says, “You can’t buy your way into a market.” But you can get everyone to buy into your mission and purpose – and that can make all the difference. In this power-packed session you get:

  • Social media tactics you can use to get others to promote your brand.
  • Simple, low-cost strategies to take your CU viral.
  • The innovative strategy to turn a branch into a coffee shop – that also offers paninis, tea, checking, savings and loan products.
  • Marketing solutions to engage your prospects and keep them coming back to you.
  • Practical strategies to build a sales culture so everyone – from your front-line to your C-suite – are all working towards the same goals.
  • And much more.
Afterburner, Inc.
Special CEO Luncheon, Thursday, Aug 2
CEO Luncheon Q&A with Afterburner

Get more practical insight and guidance from America’s elite fighter pilots as they reveal how some of the country’s top performing CEOs apply the 4 Steps to Flawless Execution. Enjoy lunch with your colleagues and the keynote speakers from Afterburner in this invitation-only Q&A.

Note: This special luncheon is complementary only available to the first 100 CEOs who have paid to register for the convention.

Jeremy Nelson

VP Direct Marketing, Mountain American CU

MBL Summit
Top 5 Secrets of Marketing MBL from the #1 SBA Lender in America

How do you move beyond the perception that CUs are simply consumer institutions? It is one of the toughest challenges facing MBLs throughout the country. Yet, Mountain America CU has held the title as the country’s #1 SBA lender for 12 straight years. Join MACU’s Marketing VP, Jeremy Nelson, as he reveals the top 5 secrets to position the CU as a commercial lender and get beyond the public persona credit unions only serve consumers. If you want to capture a larger share of the commercial business in your market, you want to miss this session as Nelson pulls back the curtain to reveal what’s working – and what’s not! Find out how to:

  • Develop a true collaborative environment between sales and marketing.
  • Market your products and services internally – and turn your front-line staff into a lead generation machine.
  • Leverage your business development team and build a referral network.
  • Take advantage of digital media to tell your story – and reach new markets.
  • And much more.

In this one-of-a-kind session, Jeremy reveals the 5 marketing secrets that have helped make MACU the #1 SBA Lender in America. Take home the same strategies you can use to penetrate a larger share of your commercial market right away!

Jim Craig

Co-Founder, Conotext, LLC

Pamela Hatt

VP of Marketing, Pen Air FCU

Marketing Summit
Developing a Digital-First Marketing Strategy

With more than 80% of major purchases beginning with online research digital marketing should not be part of your marketing strategy, it should be the foundation upon which you build your entire marketing strategy if you wish to engage the modern financial consumer.

Digital-first is not a wholesale replacement of old media with new media. Digital-first is a process that leads to use of a mix of marketing channels to generate new loan and account opportunities for your credit union.

Join Jim Craig, co-founder of the digital marketing agency Conotext, and Pam Hatt, VP of Marketing at Pen Air FCU, to hear:

  • How to think like a digital financial consumer – Refreshing product website content to speak to the most desired solutions helped a credit union increase its search visibility nearly 20% in six months.
  • How to be “digital first” but not “digital only” – A 30-segment communication program that used email and direct mail increased profitability more than $730,000 over a control group in a 12-month period.
  • How to combine old media and new media effectively – Pen Air’s community involvement and sponsorships increases brand awareness that leads to higher engagement in digital channels.
  • Gaining C-level acceptance of a digital-first strategy – Jim and Pam will share their experience of gaining buy-in without triggering micromanagement.
Joshua Allison

Founder & Chief Ideator, Think Café

Leadership Summit
The New Workforce: Essential Insights for Effective Engagement & Coaching of the Millennial Mindset

Within just 6 years, 75% of the workplace will be comprised of the millennial generation. Yet, many Gen X and Baby Boomer managers have struggled to coach and manage to the Gen Y value system. Join Josh Allison as he discusses the most successful strategies for winning and keeping the heart of your millennial employees – a booming segment in the market that could give you a competitive edge in the war for talent. A former Business Development Manager at Horizon CU in Spokane Valley, WA, Josh helped the CU reach 11,000 millennials with an award-winning outreach program. He was also recently nominated as a “Credit Union Rockstar” and a Top 10 Speaker for the World CU Conference. In this fun, dynamic and practical session you will learn how to:

  • Develop a successful coaching culture based on what’s working with other organizations.
  • Overcome the Big 4 Motivation Myths – and how to truly inspire & engage a new generation of workers.
  • Increase your leadership influence using practical Strength-Based Coaching techniques.
  • Leverage the Feedback Loop for better communication.
  • And much more.

BONUS: Every attendee also gets Think Cafe’s Top 10 Tactics for Effectively Coaching Millennials you can take home with you and put to work right away!

Peter Duffy

Managing Director, Sandler O’Neil

Financial Summit
The Evolving Role of Merger in CU Strategic Planning

M&As are occurring just about every day, on average, in the CU movement right now. Rising technology costs, burdensome regulations, and a need for scale to drive down operating costs are forcing many CUs to merge. Whether your CU is a “buyer” or “seller” in this new M&A market, you must have a plan. Join one of the country’s leading M&A experts, Peter Duffy of Sandler O’Neil, who will help guide you to develop your CU’s merger strategy. You get:

  • The 4 key factors to consider when evaluating a potential merger from both sides of the deal!
  • The challenges – and opportunities – for the “continuing” CU and the “merging” CU.
  • How to measure the true value of a merger to your organization – and most importantly, to your members!
  • 7 critical questions every CU leader must ask before entering into an M&A.

In this eye-opening session, Duffy pulls back the curtain to reveal the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to M&As so you don’t get blind-sided. The pressure to merge is expected to continue to increase as more CUs search for solutions to scale their organization and recruit talented employees.

BONUS: Every attendee will also get Duffy’s 10-Point M&A Checklist to take back and begin to apply to your strategic plan.

Tim Harrington

CEO, TEAM Resources

Leadership Summit
Inspired Leadership From Eisenhower to LeBron

Those old enough to remember Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, know him as Mr. Boring. And those young enough to follow perhaps the all-time greatest basketball player, LeBron James, know him as Mr. Basketball. Two very different personalities, yet both achieved amazing results. How? Both had to LEARN to be a LEADER. Both transcend their titles and public personas to inspire others to pursue their highest dreams and ideas. In this dynamic, never-before-seen talk, one of CU Leadership Convention’s Highest-Rated speakers, Tim Harrington, returns to show how anyone can lead effectively whether in the War Rooms of World War II or in the NBA Locker Rooms of Cleveland or Los Angeles. Tim reveals how LeBron struggled to finally become a leader on and off the court – and the lessons learned for all of us. He also pulls back the curtain to show how “Ike” inspired a nation and the Allied troops to recover from near defeat and drive towards victory after being soundly beaten at the start of World War II. These are real-world leadership strategies anyone can use to achieve extraordinary results.

Tony Ferris

CEO & GRC Revolutionist, Rochdale Paragon

Financial Summit
The Art & Science of Balancing Risk & Reward

As a CU leader, you have the tremendous responsibility of preserving organizational value while simultaneously growing your financial institution in a strategically safe and sound way. The question is, with so many competing ideas and systems, what’s the best approach? Tony Ferris, CEO and Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) revolutionist at Rochdale  Paragon Group shows how the most successful credit unions identify, measure and manage the risks that matter most. With over 20 years in the financial industry, Tony offers real-world, practical guidance to align front-line managers, C-suite execs and board members, allowing you to focus on uncovering both your best opportunities and your worst potential problems that could lead to trouble. Regulators are now scrutinizing CUs to ensure they have processes to inform the board, realistically assess risk and proactively address problems to avoid surprises. Are you prepared? Find out how to manage the risk and grow using the same strategies that have helped other credit unions reduce delinquencies, increase return on assets, generate improved net interest rate margin, prudently take on smart growth-oriented risk and much more. CUs who embrace these principles routinely perform in the top tier relative to peers … drive new business lines … develop deeper lending strategies resulting in double-digit L/S growth … and improve allocated resources driving increased footprint and member growth with many doubling their size over the last few years.